waking up with a smile, not only a shiny smile that can light the whole room but a smile that can clearly shows a clear satisfaction deep there inside. walking through the main door toward your working palce with a smile that can tells the whole world how much you’re happy deep inside. when getting stuck in a long multi-hours road trip and all what you think about makes you smaile, not only a smile on your face but a smile from the soul from the center of your heart, from the edges of your body. feeling like mastering the whole table or room during a warm discussion about a subject that makes you feel happy and fully satisfied. a strong feeling that pushes you to go way further than anyone has ever been in a certain major or area. spending the  majority of your loneliness time not thinking about whether your girlfriend is about to dump you or not, but thinking about a small idea or principle that makes you feel deeply recreated and happy.enjoy seeing a wide beatiful smile of an instrument player when playing his/her favorite part lets you feel glade too. watching a pilot face during a takeoff or landing will tell what it is all about.
Being madly in love with whatever you are doing in your life.

Passion what gives the unseen energy, the unlimited power, the unique potential. Passion what gives a meaning of what we are doing in our life.
passion is the great thing that gives you the fabulous morning smile when waking up.wise people always advise the young people to spend whatever time it takes to discover your passion and live the rest of your life with full satisfaction that will never end, will never end because it`s something generated from the inside. passion is the biggest factor for self-motivation, a motivated person never goes dowm, he/she will get to achive the desired goals no matter what. people with no passion has an empty hart, a hart that will let his body to fall down frequently. life itself is full of challenges and everyone needs the motivation to overcome them and be happier too.

life the life you want, the life you dreamed, the life that make your future self happier and more satisfied.



كل بداية هي عبارة عن نهاية لشئ ما، وهذه بدايتي ها هنا في التدوين الالكتروني بعد فترة ليست بالقصيرة مع التدوين التقليدي على أوراق الدفتر المخصص لذلك. أكتب هنا لكي أنفس عن تضاربات فكرية في عقلي أو تنفيساً على قلب العبد الفقير

أو أكتب عن مايسر الخاطر أو يكدره أحيانا

ألقاكم بخير ومودة